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Ephraim Anderson 1780-1867

As said elsewhere our branch of the Anderson clan can be traced back as far as John and Isabel Anderson lived at Clennell Mill  then Barrow Mill, both near Alwinton in Upper Coquetdale in the mid 1700s.   Their son John b 1743 (our direct ancestor) took over Barrow Mill but their other son Mathew b 1739 moved south about 8 miles away across a desolate moorland to Shittleheugh near Otterburn in Redesdale.  This was a move into a better, more open farming area.

Moving to the next generation:

Matthew 1784-1867, our direct ancestor, had a brother called Ephraim 1780-1867 who also moved south and farmed at Silloans, also near Otterburn in Redesdale. Ephraim must have been successful as he was included in the 1832 poll book.  His qualification for voting in parliamentary elections was “occupier of farm above 50[£50] annum rent”. This meant that after the 1832 Reform Act Ephraim was one of 18% of the total adult male population allowed to vote.

Ephraim probably took over Silloans by his marriage to Isabel Richardson. Isabella’s brother James Richardson was at Silloans for 1841 and 1851 censuses, being described as a ‘proprietor of lands’.

John Anderson 1811-1784  the eldest offspring of “our Matthew” and Jane Wanless was baptised at Birdhopecraig, the local Presbyterian (Scotch) chapel where baptisms and marriages (and deaths?) of the Andersons of Shittleheugh and Silloans are recorded.  So at the time “our Matthew” and Jane may have been working for Ephraim at Silloans or for the cousins at Shittleheugh before returning to Upper Coquetdale for the birth of their remaining offspring.

Prior his move to Ireland, during the 1841 and 1851 census John Anderson 1811-1874 was living at Silloans.  In 1841 John Bolam was also at Silloans. This John was the son of Ephraim and “our Matthew”‘s sister.

London Gazette entry for Ephraim’s will:  giving John Bolam and Henry Hall as executors.

includes: “nephew John Anderson, son of my brother Matthew Anderson receives £200″. James Bolam, nephew received £250. Nephew and nieces George Anderson , Jane Cowans and Margaret Anderson each received £40.

The 1871 census record for Silloans shows 65yr old James Bolam was ‘part owner and occupier’. When James Bolam died on 17 January 1887 “late of Silloans” his estate was valued at £5,296!

Silloans:  History, old leases probably pre-Ephraim

Notes on archives showing the Richardson family’s interest in the property. It is unlikely that the Matthew and George Anderson were from our family.


Rhode Island Historical Society Collections, xin, no. 2. From an anonymous donor (per Mr. Joseph Oswald, secretary): A bundle of documents, on parchment, relating to land in Redesdale, of which the following is a list :

1741, April 29. Bargain and sale between (i) William Hedley of Harwoodhead, gent., and Mary his wife, and (2) Edward Laing of the Hill, Northd., gent., of the messuage known as Silloans in Elsdon parish.
1741 , April 30. Release between the same parties and of the same property.

[1742] Trin. term, 15 Geo. n. ‘ Fin al’agreement ‘ (and copy) between Edward Laing, plaintiff, and William Hedley and Mary his wife deforc 18 .

1793, July 18. Probate of the will of John Richardson of ‘ Allenton ‘ Northd.

1794, May 6 Lease for a year, between (i) George Anderson of Horton, Northd., and Matthew Anderson of North Shields, butcher, his eldest son and heir apparent, and (2) James Bower of Fawdon, Northd., and John Bower of Avenue head, near Seaton Delaval,
farmer, of the sixth part of the said messuage, &c., at Silloans known as ‘Twelve penny worth,’ late the estate of Matthew Anderson of Birdhope Craig, farmer, the father of George, and in the occupation of John Charlton.

1794, May 7. Release made between the same parties of the same. [Proc., 3 ser. ix.] 31

1795, June i. Lease for a year between (i) Ralph Nicholson of East Nook, Elsdon par., gent., and Robert Byers of Donaghadee, co. Down, Ireland, and (2) Henry Nicholson of East Nook, yeoman, several parcels of land at Blackburn, otherwise Silburn, in. the
possession of James Richardson.

1795, J une 2. Conveyance, between the same parties, of the same premises.

1795, June 10. Probate of the will of Thomas Richardson of Alwinton.

1797, Jan. 4. Lease for a year, between (i) the Rev Caleb Dixon of Cox Close, co. Durham, clerk ; (2) Thomas Dixon of Crosby gill, Westmorland, farmer ; and (3) James Richardson of High Allenton, farmer, of farmhold, &c., known as Silloans.

1797, Jan. 5. Release between the same parties of the same premises.

1797, May n. Lease for a year, between (i) Henry Nicholson the younger ; and (2) James Richardson the younger and John Richardson of Allenton, yeomen, of J part of Blackburn, otherwise Silburn township, at a quit rent of zd. to the duke of Northd. for his manor of Ridsdale.

1797, May 12. Release between the same parties of same property.

1797, May n. Lease for a year, between (i) James Bower late of Fawdon, but then of Newbiging, Northd., and John Bower of Avenue head, near Seaton Delaval, farmer ; and (2) James Richardson of Allenton, Northd., farmer, of the undivided sixth part in messuages, &c., called Silloans, being the portion known as ‘ Twelve penny worth.’

1797, May 12. Release between the same parties of the same.

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